G&Z Canal Liner

G&Z's history as a manufacturer of high production canal machines dates back to 1947. G&Z canal machines, which include a trimmer, concrete slipform liner, joint jumbos and finish / cure jumbos, were the first of their kind built in the world.

Since 1947 G&Z canal equipment has been used on the construction of over 75 % of the canals in the Western United States, furthermore it has been used on numerous canal projects such as the challenging relinig of the Mittlerer Isar Kanal in Munich and around the world.

For smaller canals, G&Z also makes a line of high production, trapezoidal trenchers which excavates and trims the canal cross section in a single pass. Various canal lining equipment is available to concrete line these smaller canals.

Whether your project is to build a new canal or you need to reline an existing canal, G&Z has the equipment for so you can do it.

  • full span canal paver
    Full Span
  • canal paver half span front view
    Half Span

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