Trencher 4600 w. side shift

Trencher for up to 1,2m depth with SIDE SHIFT

Road Edge Drains, Utility Trencher

Model EAGLE 4600

bucket wheel trencher with side shift

Max Depth 1,2m
Max Width 610mm
Min Width 305mm

Eagle 4600 Side Shift Bucket Wheel Trencher for Highway Edge Drains, Utilities, and Foundation Trenches. The Side Shift and Self-Level features allow for easy trenching on slopes and in tight, confined areas.

High Production Bucketwheel Trencher 1220mm Maximum Digging Depth with optional Front Pass Conveyor. Front conveyor reduces digging depth by 305mm.

side shift trencher 1,2m




Main Applications


Max Depth 1,2m
Max Width 610mm
Min Width 305mm

175 HP

Utility Trenching,
Drainage next to roads
Foundation Trenching

G&Z is committed to producing high production, low maintenance trenchers. Eagle Trenchers are the most cost effective way to increase the profitability of your job. The Eagle 4600 is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, such as foundations, edge drains, utilities, irrigation and fiber optic installations in friable soils.


  • Conveyor - 610mm wide x 2135mm long; 0-305 mpm

  • Hydrostatically Powered Crawler Tracks

  • Hydrostatically Powered Bucket Wheel with flywheel type gearbox

  • Conveyor Shift for right or left discharge

  • Hydraulic "Roll-up" Crumb Shoe

  • Side Shift on Bucket Wheel

  • Self-Leveling Undercarriage

  • Networked microcontroller for all machine functions. All machine functions electric over hydraulic

Popular Options

  • 305mm Narrow Bucket Wheel Kit

  • Carbide Teeth

  • Front Pass Conveyor with 610mm wide belt and supports and separate stinger belt to load out dump trucks

  • Wide triple grousers

  • Side Cutter Sets

Eagle 4600 Specs (excerpt):

  • Engine: CAT C7/ACERT, Tier 3 compliant, turbocharged, ATAAC, water-cooled diesel engine

  • Engine H.P.: 175 HP (130 kW) @ 2100 RPM, Continuous Rating

  • Fuel Capacity: 120 Gallon (454 L) published consumption 12.3 gph (46.3 L/hr)

  • Cooling: Special combination engine radiator, heat exchanger, intercooler mounted in front of the engine with pusher fan

  • Digging Depth: 48" (1219mm)

  • Digging Width: 12" (305mm) for bottom 12" (305mm) of trench, then 14" (356mm) from that point up

  • Buckets: 12 each, " (19mm) Mild Steel, welded

  • Teeth: Hensley X156 with roll pin

  • Conveyor: Reversible Hydraulic Drive for either right or left discharge, 24" (610mm) wide x approx. 7' (2134mm) long center to center (long enough to reach the Front Pass Conveyor) with belt skirting rated @ 1000 fpm (305 M/min)

  • Undercarriage: D-4 size Crawlers, 6 rollers, 1 top carrier roller, SALT Chain with Split Master Link, Rock Guards, spring loaded, grease gun type front idler assemblies.

  • Speed Range : Working Speed 0 30 fpm (0 9.14 Mpm), Travel Speed 0 200 fpm (0 61 Mpm)

  • Approximate Weight: Estimated 35,000 lbs (15837 kg

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