2,0m to 17m paving width

Suitable for all paving projects.
For barrier wall, curb & gutter and smaller projects, we offer you Miller Formless equipment.

Concrete Slipform Pavers with real 90° steering

The experience of over 70 years led the development of G&Z Pavers that maximixe paving time and minimize everything else.
G&Z Pavers are characterized by minimizing the cost drivers:
site moves, time for width change and minimizing concrete losses.


Paving width: 2m to 5m
(optional up to 7,5m)
Tracks: 3 or 4


Paving width: 2,5m to 6,7m
(optional up to 9m)
Tracks: 3 or 4


Paving width: 3,65m to 10,35m
(optional up to 12m)
Tracks: 4


Paving width: 5,5m to 12,8m
(optional up to 17m)
Tracks: 4

Dowel Bar Inserter

available for all G&Z Pavers


Equipment Guidance and Operation Network

G&Z Pavers minimize the need of handwork

concrete slipform paver with 90° steering

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