Remote Operator Interface and Diagnostic System

EGON Introduction

Guntert & Zimmerman (G&Z) EGON: Equipment Guidance and Operation Network is a Next Generation Operator Control System that incorporates user friendly features, a modular state of the art network of controllers, extensive onboard and remote monitoring options, and diagnostic capability to allow superior ease of use and troubleshooting. G&Z"s first engineering goal is to manufacture paving equipment that "Maximizes Available Paving Time and Minimizes Everything Else. The G&Z software engineering team has designed EGON to meet this standard. It has never been easier to operate, reconfigure, diagnose, and manage a piece of concrete paving equipment. EGON is available on all G&Z slipform paving equipment models.

EGON Onboard Operator Interface

remote diagnosis and maintenance system for concrete slipform paver

Monitoring paver performance has never been easier. The EGON display gives an all-in-one overview of the paver"s extensive systems including: the status of all machine I/O (inputs and outputs), system faults, electronic monitoring of all hydraulic pump pressure and filter conditions (clog monitoring with alarm), fuel level, individual forward/reverse track pressure, and machine configuration and mode. In addition to status, EGON also allows the operator to modify important machines settings including: paver dimensions, sensor calibration, gain values, crown and slope adjustments, and the ability to change machine travel modes via an easy-to-use automated process. In short, EGON has taken the average paver operator"s experience to a new technological level.

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