G&Z S1500 for paving width from 5,5m to 12,8m

S1500 the large slipformpaver by G&Z

The S1500 concrete slipformpaver is designed for paving width from 5,5m to 16m.
Upon request paving width below 5,5m are possible

Applications of the S1500 slipformpaver

highways, country roads, Airport runways,, Taxiways and aprons.

  • slipformpaver stringless system
    Paving Width 5,5m to 17m
  • s1500 concrete slipform paver australia
    Paving Width 5,5m to 17m
  • concrete slipformpaver up to 17m
    Paving Width 5,5m to 17m
  • slipform paver and texture cure machine on jobsite
    Paving Width 5,5m to 17m

G&Z S1500 Specifications




highways, country roads, Airport runways, Taxiways and aprons.

Maximum Paving Width

12,8m (optional up to 17m)

Minimum Paving Width



CAT C9 ACERT 350 HP(261 kW) Diesel Engine Tier 3 / Stage IIIA or optional C913ACERT 440 HP (328 kW) Diesel Engine Tier 3 / Stage IIIA


Hydraulic Vibrators (qty. depends on the paving width and application)
(electric vibrators available on request)

Transport Length

Paving Width + 7,65m

Transport Width

under 3,5m

G&Z S1500 differences to the S850

  • Tractor fram extandable up to 17m

  • heavy posts.

  • ease of swinging in the legs in front of obstacles like bridges.

  • Paving kit can be easily disassembled for reducing the transport weight. The paver can be used for loading on the truck.

  • bigger stroke and steering cylinders

  • D4 crawler tracks (D3 on the S850) are longer, wider and have bigger planetary gears.

  • The S1500 can be equipped with an andditional vibrator pump and a bigger 440HP (328kW) CAT engine, when used with a dowel bar inserter at paving width bigger than 10,5m.

All Slipform Pavers from G&Z can be equipped with the optional patented 90 steering system that allows 90 steering of all 4 crawler tracks.

This 90 steering feature is only available from G&Z and allows paving close to obstacles like bridges or buildings. Hand work is minimized as G&Z Pavers can drive in 90 steering mode leaving only the length of the Paver for hand work. A G&Z Paver equipped with 90 steering clearly outperforms the competition.

Because of the 90 steering G&Z Pavers can navigate through narrow spots, such as bridges, on its own and can load themselves onto trucks. It is also possible to counter rotate the paver. These features have proven to be a great help when unloading from a truck on the jobsite or when changing directions for paving on job sites.
G&Z also offers advanced self-loading Dowel Bar Inserter attachments, Placer Spreaders and Texture Cure machines to complement their pavers. Like any equipment from G&Z they have been developed to minimize the use of cranes to speed up width change and loading operations.

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