S600 for paving width from 2,5m to 9,0m

S600 Multi Purpose Paver

One machine for all paving applications.
Specifications, Video

Overview S600

Combines the mobility of a small paver with the performance advantages of the large and midsize pavers by G&Z.
The S600 Slipformpaver is suitable for Highway- and Airport Projects, placing of Barrier Walls, Offset Paving, paving of lane extensions and channels.

G&Z S600 Video

Specifications G&Z S600



Minimum Paving Width


Double Telescopic Tractor Frame Range

2,5m up to 6,75m

Maximum Paving Width


Maximum Paving Width with DBI



Cummins QSB6.7 6-Zylinder Diesel Euro IIIA

Engine HP

200 PS (139kW)

Crawler Tracks

4 (3 Track Configurations Possible)


Paving Speed 0-7 m /min.
Driving Speedt 0-26 m /min.

Jacking Columns Hyd.

Adjustable 1.1 m rebolting adjustment 915 mm

Max. No. Vibs - Hyd.

16 optional up to 20

Max. No. Vibs - Elec.


Paving Kit

Standard Series I Paving Kit with Metering Gate, Vibrator Rack

Concrete Spreading System

Spreader Plow with Powerful Winch

Characteristics S600

Designed and build for excellent paving quality, optimized manouverbility and the highest possible time savings on the jobsite.

Superb operator visibility, intuitive controls and perfect matching of all components.

The S600 can turn and steer all four crawlers, the machine can rotate by 360 . This feature minimizes the need of handwork as you can pave close to obstacles like bridges or buildings. The patented steering also allows an easy manouvering on jobsites, a quick passing of narrow points and last but not least a quick loading and unloading of the machine.

Additional time savings by quick width changes.
Width changes can bedone within less than 30 minutes without the need of a crane or supports. No other machine on the market achieves such quick changing times


Slew Drive Track Control

The S600 can be equipped with the new and patented AccuSteer by G&Z: the cralwer tracks are controled via slew drives. The AccuSteer offers an extremely rigid and precise function and allow an exeptional manouverbility of the slipform paver. bThe operator can independently rotate each crawler track by 320 , this allows rapid swing leg relocation for paving and transport.

detail slipform paver steering


Adjustment of Swing Leg Angle

On request the S600 slipform paver can be fitted with the new and patented SmartLeg.
IIn tandem with the AccuSteer this system allows the operator to adjust the bolster swing leg angle on the fly.
This flexibility is especially usefull to manouver aroung track line obstacles like fire hydrants, airport runway lamps, etc.


Tractor Frame Width Change System

The new and patented VariWidth system for width changes allows a fast telescopic change of width. All bolt connections have been replaced by an innovative puck system. All of the hydraulic hoses and electric cables between the power unit and the bolsters are contained in the hose managment system.
With no bolts to loosen, hoses to add or remove, or supports to be added under the tractor, the VariWidth System is a huge time saver.


Telescopic Paving Kit End Sections

On request the S600 slipformpaver will be equipped with the patented TeleEnds. his option allows a crew of one to two men to change the paving with without the use of a crane within less than two hours.
Compared to the 6-10 hours that is normally required by a four men crew, the TeleEnds allow a remarkable time and cost saving.


Stringless Paving Preparation Kit

The stringless 3-D preparation kit NoLine des S600 integrates the use of stringless technology directly into the S600 operator console.
NoLine allows the contractor to save monex on surveying, stake driving and string set up and paving at highest precision.

stringless system for slipform paver


interchangable with other G&Z Slipformpavers

The G&Z "Paving Kit is made from deep section, rigid latticework frame. The bolt on plates can be economically exchanged one by one. The G&Z slipformpavers achieve excellent ride numbers on the toughest IRI and zero blank projects.

paving kit section slipform paver

Intuitive Controls

for best paving results and operator safety

The machine configuration is selected via graphics on the display. The operator friendly, multifunctional colour display allows real time information. Selfdiagnosis display, electronic survey of the hydraulic pressures, filter cloging indication, engine information and tank indication can be displayed. Remote Diagnosis is possible.

Transport S600

On request the fast loading times of the G&Z Paver can be reduced even further. With the SmartLeg System the tranport configuration is automized. Within 30 minutes the paver is in transport position and can load itself on a standard 2,5m wide lowbed trailer. There is no need to switch hoses on the crawler tracks and the crawlers are automatically kept parallel for steering.

transport width s600 slipform paver
transport dimensions s600 slipform paver

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