Texture Cure

Texture Cure machines allow a finish of the fresh concrete with rakes or brushes. The same unit is used to spray retainer and curing compounds.

The rigid frame and the proportional steering and elevation controls contributs to an unmatched uniform structure. The result is extrem quiet concrete surfaces. Available with 2 or 4 crawler tracks.

TC800 Texture Cure

texture cure machine for slipform paver
  • 2 crawler Tracks

  • 3,66m to 10,3m operation width

  • for concrete surfaces up to 610mm high

  • automatic or manual control

TC1500 Texture Cure

texture cure machine for concrete slipform detail
  • 4 crawler Tracks

  • 90° Steering

  • 3,66m to 17m operation width

  • propotional steering and elevation control

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